LRB Trip Report 3: Horribly Familiar

Caroline Shenton’s essay about the decay of the Houses of Parliament stirs up some disturbing thoughts. Original piece in the LRB David Runciman on Democracy Slavoj Zizek on a confluence of crises

LRB Trip Report 2: Almost Magical

David Runciman is a frequent LRB contributor and the host of the Talking Politics podcast. This is a trip report of Runciman’s trip report from the NIPS Conference. Original article (paywall) Talking Politics podcast

LRB Trip Report 1: Give or Take a Millenium

James Meek is a tmttt favourite who will be a recurring character in this podcast. Bee Wilson, the writer Meek (kind of) pokes fun at in the single featured paragraph seems to have become one of Britain’s most respected food writers. You might have read her...